Coming to Steam!

Hello! I have applied the game to Steam now, and there is not much left. I need to fix litle bit like a new trailer, some new screenshot then it’s ready to get it on Steam. This has been a long journey and, yeah now is it Steam soon. I gonna update when the game

Working on a new update!

Wondering what I have been doing?  Working on the next update of course ! 😀 Next update can you see the armor you are using (Equiped) and shield can be equiped too. And much more have happend ! Some of the new models I have been doing Cart Ground

Update 1.6.0

Gameplay Now does enemies have a warning area before knockdown. Character Player Torch got small change with the light. Attribute Points minor change and Weapon Damage added. Ranger – Turret skill stays for 10 seconds now instead of 6 seconds. Interface Player Progress removed (From Menu) New Menu design. Some UI Scale fixes. Inventory System

Update 1.5.0 has released

Gameplay • Enemy spawner only can be max 4 enemies now. Character • Potions have been removed. • Now can player get knockdown. • Now if you press right mouse button you can use shield. • All classes got a new bar slot. • All classes got a new skill (Healing) • Whirlfire got minor