Update 1.7 has released !

Gameplay Luck Or Not chest have been removed (Gonna add this to an NPC instead). Crafting System added. Enemies damage got nerfed. Enemies health got nerfed. Character Max level is 50. Combat max level is 100 for each class. Gathering gives experience now. New gear added Body of Dark Helm of Dark Body of Thief

Update 1.6.0

Gameplay Now does enemies have a warning area before knockdown. Character Player Torch got small change with the light. Attribute Points minor change and Weapon Damage added. Ranger – Turret skill stays for 10 seconds now instead of 6 seconds. Interface Player Progress removed (From Menu) New Menu design. Some UI Scale fixes. Inventory System

Update 1.5.0 has released

Gameplay • Enemy spawner only can be max 4 enemies now. Character • Potions have been removed. • Now can player get knockdown. • Now if you press right mouse button you can use shield. • All classes got a new bar slot. • All classes got a new skill (Healing) • Whirlfire got minor