Next Update (Loot System)

Hello everyone! You may wonder what I am doing right now? I have planned the new Loot system for the game, this loot system I have right now was I disappointed with.Current loot system right now is that you find the Chest and loot it, but you don’t really know what’s inside it and instant

Working on consumable objects

Hello everyone! I have been working with new crafting and a new small feature (Buffs / Consumable) for the game. But it’s not fully finished but here can you see where the buffs gonna be. Above the Health Bar And here is some potions that gonna be added (Craftable only) Has been a hard week,

Working with the Rift

Hello everyone! Maybe you wonder what I am doing right now? I have been working with the Rift (New feature) for the game. This is a new content that is gonna be added next update. Rift can you find in different maps and you can activate if you want more challange. First you need to

What’s Next ?

Hello everyone! The Early Access release was awesome. I am very happy that I have released it on Steam. But there is not the end here, I know there is missing many things in the game and I know there is bugs / issues.  But I have made a small image there you can see

About Steam release…

What have I done? Hello! First of all have I been busy, but I had some unluck days too, for some weeks ago did my computer crash (Hard drive was to old) and that took some time to fix it, and then after that started I work with the game again, but yeah then I

Working on EA #1

​Hello everyone! You wondering what I am doing? Right now I am working on improve the loot system and creating more loots for the game. I know it’s very exciting​ to get loots so this month I trying to design more loots for the game. I working on to improve the loot system right now because I

Banner Design

Some more design for Blixten Quest, I working hard here for update 1.7 . And I working to release on Steam too. You can follow 1.7 here:

Coming to Steam!

Hello! I have applied the game to Steam now, and there is not much left. I need to fix litle bit like a new trailer, some new screenshot then it’s ready to get it on Steam. This has been a long journey and, yeah now is it Steam soon. I gonna update when the game