Next Update (Loot System)

Hello everyone! You may wonder what I am doing right now?

I have planned the new Loot system for the game, this loot system I have right now was I disappointed with.
Current loot system right now is that you find the Chest and loot it, but you don’t really know what’s inside it and instant loot it if you press (E). 

You maybe find Common item or Epic exemple.
Sometimes you maybe not want too loot Common,Uncommon,Rare and Epic items right? So yeah that is not a good thing.

But this new system can you choose what loot you want too loot, you can see what kind of gear is it.

Two loots looks like:

Three loots looks like

You can find between 1-3 items.

I hope I can finish this soon as possible, my goal is to release it in 1-2 weeks.

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