Early Access !

Hello and Welcome to the Early Access release for Steam. I am very happy to release it on Steam now.

STEAM PAGE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/922560/Blixten_Quest/

I am a Solo Game Developer that have build this game and I release it as Early Access now! I feel it was time now.

You can find the Early Access patch below. More updates is coming later.


  • Enemies have small chance to be Elite (More Health, More Damage and gives more Experience.
    • Enemy skill cooldown changed.
  • Bosses
    • Got some changes.


  • Enemy knockback got small fixes.
  • Level up combat level bug is fixed!


  • The-Bone-Dry East
    • Ladder issue fixed.
  • New levels added.


  • Menu got the “Early Access & Version” panel back.


  • Sounds always start with 50% now.

Bugs & Issue

  • Enemy UI Performance has been around 150% faster.


  • Some Item icons added that did show white images.
  • Items right now saves after item level & gear stats generate after the level (In the future I gonna make random stats for every gear).

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