About Steam release…

What have I done?

Hello! First of all have I been busy, but I had some unluck days too, for some weeks ago did my computer crash (Hard drive was to old) and that took some time to fix it, and then after that started I work with the game again, but yeah then I got sick instead so I have lost some weeks because of this. But I’m not that guy that sit and relax because of that 😉 The update for Early Access that coming to Steam is soon ready, got litle bit delayed but not to much.

Coming to Steam?

Yes the game is coming to Steam now in December ! Late December. I have been pushing me to release it with a Early Access update 1.1.

Is there bugs / issues?

I am sorry to say, yes. But there is many bugs & issues I have been fixed, and fixed performance issues too. I am working on the bugs everyday.

Do you work alone?

I am working alone.

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