Update 1.7 has released !


  • Luck Or Not chest have been removed (Gonna add this to an NPC instead).
  • Crafting System added.
  • Enemies damage got nerfed.
  • Enemies health got nerfed.


  • Max level is 50.
  • Combat max level is 100 for each class.
  • Gathering gives experience now.
  • New gear added
    • Body of Dark
      • Helm of Dark
    • Body of Thief
      • Helm of Thief
  • Animation
    • Attacking animation got more timing with the damage.


  • Some level objects have been removed and replaced with new one.
  • More color design has been updated ! (Removed some bad color design).
  • Many new objects have been removed and replaced with better verts (Better performance).
  • Signs removed.
  • Orascie Boss removed.
  • Lightning improved.


  • Minor changes for the ingame UI.
  • Navigation for buttons removed (When keys did press some skills/items changed).
  • Now can you change volume for Environment sounds.

Bugs & Issue

  • Tutorial / Dialogue bugg has been fixed (If you jump many times while active you get ssuuuuper jump).
  • UI Tooltips small fixes.
  • Craft / Gathering stacks got fixed.

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