Update 1.6.0


  • Now does enemies have a warning area before knockdown.


  • Player Torch got small change with the light.
  • Attribute Points minor change and Weapon Damage added.
  • Ranger – Turret skill stays for 10 seconds now instead of 6 seconds.


  • Player Progress removed (From Menu)
  • New Menu design.
  • Some UI Scale fixes.
  • Inventory System has been added
  • Unlock Collection has been removed


  • Some maps/levels got change.
  • Rift have been inactivate (Need updates).


  • Place block camera have been removed.
  • Shop Exit Button Removed.
  • Enemy Experience got new font.
  • Str,Dex and Int boost drop has been removed.
  • Lightning / Shadows improved.
  • Collection Points change to “Wallet” and changed name to “Blast Points”.

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